Mrs Localvore Herbals

When the plants call, you have to answer the phone. I am fully immersed in the study of herbalism and have the entire dining room covered in drying plants and brown coloured liquids in jars to prove it. I come from a long line of herbalists and the root digger in me is refining my craft. Herbalist David Hoffman called… Continue reading Mrs Localvore Herbals


How to make Vegan Honey (Corn Cob Jelly)

I’m a firm believer in waste not, want not. I’m also a believer in letting people decide how they want to eat. No judgement period. I have some vegan friends and thought I would make them some for gifts as I had heard that corn cob jelly does taste like honey. Vegans do not consume honey along with… Continue reading How to make Vegan Honey (Corn Cob Jelly)

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Where to buy Local

During the #LangleyEatsLocal challenge, I decided to go and see exactly what it took for someone to truly shop local. Farmer’s markets are the #1 choice of course and I support them as much as I can. This directly benefits the producers so that they can in turn, put your dollars back into their company… Continue reading Where to buy Local

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Langley Eats Local Challenge

I’m participating in a challenge that asked people to eat local in my community. I always wanted to blog about this topic so when this project popped up in my social media feed, I couldn’t contain my excitement. The challenge runs for 1 week, August 4 to 10, 2016. The challenge is to eat, dine… Continue reading Langley Eats Local Challenge


How to Make Your Own (Delicious) Bread

Michael Pollan introduced me to the New York Times No-Knead recipe ( Yes, I will post a tutorial on how to do this) For those who haven’t had the opportunity to make a no knead bread, it is very easy, but requires planning and time. The No -Knead technique results in an artisan style loaf that has a crust that… Continue reading How to Make Your Own (Delicious) Bread

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Sweet Potato Dog Treats

I had teamed up with Glow Acupuncture & Wellness Centre last week to raise funds for the folks who had lost their homes in the fires in Fort McMurray.  I made a lot of dog treats and I’m happy to report that there’s a lot of happy dogs and some money being raised for a great cause.… Continue reading Sweet Potato Dog Treats

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How to Grow Sprouts

When I wanted to learn how to sprout seeds, there was so much information out there it started to become so confusing that I almost dropped the idea. What I was looking for was clear and super easy instructions and I did manage to find a few videos on YouTube that were helpful, but I was really wanted something I… Continue reading How to Grow Sprouts