Mrs Localvore Herbals

Cedar SmudgeWhen the plants call, you have to answer the phone. I am fully immersed in the study of herbalism and have the entire dining room covered in drying plants and brown coloured liquids in jars to prove it.

I come from a long line of herbalists and the root digger in me is refining my craft.

Herbalist David Hoffman called the early root diggers ” Rhizotomi” which is the Greek word for root digger. They were ancient gardeners who grew the plant medicine and instructed the physicians at the time on how to use them. These Doctors then instructed their patients with this knowledge.

This is knowledge that is given from the plants to the herbalists and with patience and study, were able to process and share. There is no doubt in my mind, that it is the plant that is the healer and  I  believe that ego-based dogma for one’s self is a road to isolation and the ability to stop learning.

I am also pretty skeptical and practical. Science is one of my largest foundations in which I take it’s principles and theory and combine with the credentials I have earned in regards to plant medicine.

My focus is on the healing plants that surround one’s community that grow wild. Herbalism is indeed the people’s medicine and access and knowledge should be free and available to everyone no matter what their age, ethnicity or income level is.  Taking control of you own health and wellness is a right which can be taken away by systems that can be overbearing and overwhelming.

My role in the community is to serve others to learn and explore what is rightfully their own and empower them with knowledge to live a healthy life.

I am currently in deep studying mode and mainly do quick tips and updates on my Instagram page when I can . (See the widget on the side bar to bring you right there) Thank you for dropping by and feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Mrs. Localvore  (Diana)









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