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Langley Eats Local Challenge

I’m participating in a challenge that asked people to eat local in my community. I always wanted to blog about this topic so when this project popped up in my social media feed, I couldn’t contain my excitement. The challenge runs for 1 week, August 4 to 10, 2016.

The challenge is to eat, dine and source from local producers. I have taken this challenge to include shops and services as well.  The challenge will end in a grand finale at the Langley Farm Market on Wed August 10 at 3 pm when Acclaimed Langley Chef  Adrian Beatty will  be preparing delicious appetizers sourced from local producers and growers. See link below for ticket info.

Langley Environmental Partners Society (LEPS) is spearheading the project. You can  find out more information here:

I have so many ideas and resources that I want to share and I will sum up my findings here when the challenge is over. I want to touch on whether or not it is too time consuming, too costly or even whether making your buying habits change is feasible or not.

I also plan on how to get the   family involved and I even did some research into the large  grocery chains in the area in regards to  what local  items  they   carry  ( This was quite eye opening, even for me) Should you bother with the farm market? (Hint, the answer is heading towards a yes). I will explain why and how you can do. I am doing daily updates on my Instagram and Twitter feeds (Search for MrsLocalvore)  I hope you can follow my footsteps as I do my very best to live up to my Namesake.


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