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Hello all and welcome to my website. My goal is to help you live locally in this global world. What does that mean? Well, we generally expect to have products like fresh produce and vegetables available all year long. How did that happen so quickly? What’s the problem with it and how can you learn to learn to eat seasonably? Why would you? Isn’t it time consuming? So many questions…

My Mother once told me a story of how jealous she was of her sister, who was given a banana as a gift, this was in the early 1930’s in rural Manitoba.My Mother told me she was stunned and shocked to see such an exotic piece of fruit in person. Now, bananas are nothing to be amazed by and it’s something we see everyday. They are flown and trucked in thousands of miles away and they are very inexpensive.

I see this rapid chain food system as a blessing and a curse, the cost and rarity of once exotic fresh fruit and produce has been reduced to pennies per item but the curse lies on what the process is behind that low cost. Who grew, harvested and sold that item at the grocery store? Same could be said about anything available so readily and at very little cost like fast fashion and home goods. Who profited by your purchase? Do you know? What does that business and company do for your own community? What can we do as consumers to make community minded choices when shopping?

For every dollar spent at a local business, 46 cents is recirculated back into the local economy, for multi-national companies, the amount is 18 cents. There is nothing wrong with making money and capitalism, but the balance has slipped and the environment and other peoples health and livelihoods are either at risk or have been damaged. Consumers ,small and big corporations need to figure out a balance so that we can prosper towards a positive and healthy future. My goal here to help you do that.

Let’s go.


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